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21 February 2024

Grog and the Goblins' Plains released in bookstores!


Grog and the Goblin Plains has just entered bookstores in Quebec. Discover the magnificent adventures of Grog and his band of goblins who will have to face the terrible Bismarck, Grog's half-brother!

To order online visit Gladius' website: Heroes of Dragon Mountain

October 2023

Launch of the first two novels in the series!

Discover the origins of Ozlow and Eliadora in the first two novels of the Heroes of Mount Dragon series. Each of their thrilling stories will introduce you to the threat looming in their respective kingdoms and the reasons that push them to become a Dragon-Blood!

To order online visit Gladius' website: Heroes of Mount Dragon

September 2023

Launch of Rise of the Dragon-Bloods!

3D Tray.png
3D_Box Art.png

Play as Ozlow, Eliadora, Grog or Fenek on their journey to Mount Dragon in this brand new board game from Éditions Gladius. Take the egg that the Celestial Dragon has solemnly entrusted to you, travel through increasingly dangerous realms and face monsters of all kinds in your quest to become the most powerful of the first Dragon-Bloods!

To order online, visit the Gladius website at : Rise of the Dragon-Bloods

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