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The story of Heroes of Mount Dragon takes place on a vast continent divided into eight distinct kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms faces a conflict that requires the emergence of benevolent and courageous heroes to end it. In the center of the continent stands Mount Dragon. An imposing volcanic mountain around which is coiled a gigantic stone dragon. No one knows the origin of this mythical place but everyone can feel the power of the dragons of yesteryear.

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Elven Sanctuary

Kingdom of the shadow elves, located northwest of the continent. A well-guarded place whose borders are constantly watched by the many magical creatures of the forest. The sanctuary is full of villages and temples elegantly laid out in the heights of the forest by the wood elves on the edge of the Cursed Forest, while the shadow elves, more sensitive to light, tend to take up residence in the darker recesses. darker and closer to the ground.


Bathed in a tempered climate, this place is always plunged into darkness and it is as magnificent as it is dangerous. It's easy to marvel at all the beauty of its lush forest, filled with exotic flowers and slender trees with luminescent leaves. There is a sense of false security that the fauna and flora of the place skilfully exploit.

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Cursed Forest

Dense, humid, sometimes foul and often swampy, some would say the realm is more like a jungle than a forest. Trees with gnarled trunks covered in thorns twist and intertwine like giant brambles, making travel hazardous at best. Natural traps abound: toxic fumes, quicksand, carnivorous plants, not to mention the impressive variety of poisonous mushrooms. There are, however, wonderful places scattered here and there where magnificent creatures live safe from danger, but you always have to know your way!

Monsters of amphibian and reptilian origins are legion in the Cursed Forest. Over time, the territory has witnessed the emergence of these creatures that require a tropical climate to survive. These primitive and malevolent races have sometimes erected huts in the trees, sometimes hollowed out the interior of giant mushrooms to make their homes.


Goblin Plains

Kingdom with vast expanses of wheat-colored tall grass, dominated by mountain ranges. The territory has many valleys that were shaped in the relief of waterways created by the melting of the ice at the top of the mountains thousands of years ago. The climate is chilly and seems eternally trapped in autumn temperatures. The winds, sometimes violent, sweep the plains constantly.


They are nicknamed the Goblin Plains since they are teeming with goblins of all kinds. Many clans have taken up residence there and are constantly fighting to determine who will have absolute control of the area. Life in the Goblin Plains remains precarious, as no village is safe from attack by goblins, or worse, orcs. It often happens that entire villages are destroyed and families kidnapped, victims of the evil of these barbaric monsters.

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Forbidden Desert

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not forbidden to enter the desert. The kingdom rather bears this name in order to discourage the temerity of ill-prepared individuals who would dare to venture there, because the area is very dangerous. The extreme heat and arid climate ensured that only the best adapted creatures survived. It is the cradle of giant insects, often shelled and therefore difficult to kill for inexperienced fighters.


At the center of the kingdom is the magnificent Barabos. A large merchant city built over the years on an immense rocky outcrop whose high walls protect it from external dangers. A city where we find an eclectic and colorful crowd coming from the four corners of the kingdom in order to do business and perhaps even make a fortune!

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