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Eternal guardian of the continent for almost two millennia. He is revered by all the peoples of the eight kingdoms. With its time on this earth drawing to a close, the sacred dragon must find new guardians worthy of celestial power to replace it. He knows that he will be able to leave this world in peace once he has witnessed the birth of the League of Dragon-Bloods.



Age: 67 Elven years

Kingdom: Elven Sanctuary

Class: Assassin


Ozlow is a young shadow elf, specializing in shadow art. He has known only the millennial war that is taking place in the heart of the Elven Sanctuary between the shadow elves and the wood elves. He is one of his people's most promising fighters, though he despises the elitist and cruel culture of the shadow elves. He is a solitary and introverted individual, but he is very resourceful and gradually develops empathy.



Age: 66 Elven years

Kingdom: Cursed Forest

Class: Ranger


Young wood elf. Since her early childhood, she has wandered the Cursed Forest in search of the truth behind the corruption and disappearance of her parents. The achievements and legends of the great Queen Lyria, her grandmother, have always inspired her to move forward and never give up. Her friendly and sometimes childish attitude makes her an outcast among the elves, but she doesn't let that kind of detail bother her.



Age: 33

Kingdom: Goblin Plains

Class: Brawler


Half-orc who was once known as the Goblin Plains hero. He erected his tavern in the heart of the Plaines Gobelins in order to welcome all the great travelers of the region. All are welcome. Fights, stories and adventures mingle around the table and you'll never be bored in your tavern! Despite his imposing stature, Grog is peaceful in nature. He is a ''bon vivant'' who likes to laugh out loud and who sometimes is a little too reckless.



Age: 23

Kingdom: Forbidden Desert

Class: Warrior Monk


Young warrior monk felynx, she is in search of an inner balance. After her parents died at the hands of the bloodthirsty gnolls in the Forbidden Wastes, she found herself under the guardianship of the Temple of the Lost Sands. Today, it protects the merchant city of Barabos. She is disciplined and devoted, but her mysterious rage often takes over. Armed with her iron will and her impressive double-bladed halberd, Fenek goes on the hunt.

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